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Why do you work? Are your motives based on career progression or financial objectives that you want to achieve? Do you want flexibility and to have a balance between your professional and social life?

Working at Resource Right will present all of the above! How can this be possible?

Our team has a vast range of management experience and we believe the modern working environment should allow our staff to be treated as adults and experts within their fields.

Our philosophy is to embrace all members off staff and create a winning team mentality and enjoy the high’s and low’s together rather adopting a mindset of, you’re only important if you are achieving objectives and targets.

Working for Resource Right will present the following benefits;

 Uncapped commission with no thresholds

 Ability to achieve up to 40% of all GP generated

 Clear career ladder before employment has started with quarterly reviews to map and assess progression and training that might be required

 Flexible working hours – We do not believe in a militant KPI approach

 Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, Yearly incentives

 Opportunity to progress into IT Services Sales

 UAE Residency Visa, Medical Insurance and all UAE Labour Law requirements


For all new joiners, Resource Right’s management team will work openly with the staff member to agree on a timetable of career progression which can range from additional working activities, training or promotions. We don’t believe anyone in our team should get left behind. If you have ambition and career objectives, Resource Right we try to support you in any shape or form.